2017 in Review: Laughing at the Naked Emperor

So the year isn’t technically over yet. There’s still a good couple of weeks for things to go completely south. I’m travelling first thing next year so I thought I’d get my year in review in early.

In many ways, I feel this has been the year where those in power have revealed their true nature: incompetent, greedy and self-interested. It feels like many more people are waking up to the fact that the power structures do not serve them. There are no excuses left for the behaviour of the ruling representatives. The emperor has no clothes and everyone is laughing at him. Everyone knows he is naked and dangerous. It is a shame that we had to push the situation to the extreme to recognise the inherent problems in the system.

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“With us or against us”: Brexit and The Daily Mail

So I was going to write about something else entirely, but then the I stumbled on The Daily Mail on Twitter. I try to avoid it when I can because it is always a hate-filled rag, but I couldn’t avoid it. Today it published this front page:

Daily Mail front page 12/10/2016
It brings to the surface a lot of feelings that have been brewing in this country recently. It’s also widely inaccurate and scary. Everyone has accepted Brexit is going to happen, it’s just a case of how badly it is going to hurt the country. Front page spreads like this only serve to divide us when we need to be most united.
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Brexit and the story we have been told

Given the clusterfuck that is happening in the UK at the moment, I’m probably going to be doing a few more political posts in the future. Just a heads up as I try work out what the hell is going on through words. I understand it is much, much more complex than I can do justice to, but this is just one take on it

So on Friday, I woke up to the news that Britain has utterly fucked itself over. The omnishambles of a political situation has boiled over and a majority of people voted to leave the European Union. As a nation we have decided to turn our backs on worker’s rights, human rights, free movement and settlement and trade. Instead, we have embraced xenophobia and fear, focusing on those damn immigrants who are coming over here, somehow taking all our jobs and claiming benefits at the same time, whilst destroying our beloved NHS. Never mind they are a tiny percent of our population, never mind they actually contribute more than they take. Never mind the facts basically, lets just embrace fear of foreigners even if the EU is just a scapegoat for the racism.
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