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  1. Woah this sounds much heavier than I realised! Have it on my TBR shelf but think I’d better choose the right time to read it! Love McEwan though. Bronte

  2. Chrinstine says:

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well

  3. Brilliant! I can’t believe I read all that and still don’t know what makes a person Forbidden. Yeesh, talk about a cliffhanger! Did notice one tiny mistake: He packed me into a crate and took me abroad — but it didn’t break my immersion. I hope you enjoyed this enough to make something more out of it, as I feel it definitely warrants further attention.

    • David says:

      Thanks for reading and enjoying it. You’re right, I didn’t realise about that. That’s what you get for trying to make the deadline. I might develop it a bit further, will leave it a bit and then see if I can punch it up. Thanks again!

  4. Rather mesmerizing narrative you have constructed. I actually cast myself into the story. Well done. Definitely need to know how the character eludes the coming security checks. Not to mention what awaits upon arrival.

  5. Ralph Lewis says:

    A brilliant analysis – thank you

  6. caramckee says:

    Love this. Love the way you undermine the narrative while maintaining her surety.

  7. Aww, it’s a sad and poignant tale. So many people are taken in by homeopathy and “alternative” medicines. As a qualified remedial massage therapist, I know for a fact that some alternative therapies can be very beneficial, but when drugs are needed, no amount of crystal-wearing is going to help.

  8. Adan Ramie says:

    I love how it seemed to creep up on him a little at a time. Weird, indeed!

  9. Tim Clare says:

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  10. Stuart Buck says:

    strange, ethereal and rather beautiful

  11. David Lewis says:

    Very kind, thanks

  12. Glacies says:

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  13. Bob says:

    Self-publishing should be labeled as such. Some people do believe in gate keepers, so there should be an easy way to filter out those who have not gone through the gate keepers.

  14. Stuart Buck says:


    everything about this is wonderful. love the light at the bottom. one of the best erasures ive ever seen

  15. David Lewis says:

    Cheers Stuart! The light took ages to get right

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