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I slipped off the viewing platform,
slid under the flimsy handrail
fell down or forwards or up
towards the black hole.

I cursed flimsy safety measures
but knew it was far too late.
Wrong to think I was unique,
I was just atoms, accelerating
without friction towards an
unknowable spiral nothing.

One last view of the cosmos
before I reached the event horizon
and paused


I was sliced in two by dark matter,
spiralled to


My former body

   s      c      a       t        t       e      r       e    d

                                   and rearranged

each particle obliterated




Until I landed, new familiar feet
standing on a metal surface.
Off balance, I stumbled forward
I slipped off the viewing platform,

Thanks to Ross McCleary for the line ‘I was sliced in two by dark matter’ which he kindly let me use. That line on Twitter started this whole poem.

Photo by Marcus Dall Col on Unsplash

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